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Sara Pritzl, who previously served as the program assistant advanced-confidential and currently is the unit business officer in the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the December 2018 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Carmen Faymonville, associate vice chancellor; and Charlie Hill, acting associate vice chancellor.

Pritzl’s nomination follows:

“Sara took on a major work project in preparing this year’s lengthy Higher Learning Commission report, which needed lots of updating after the visit of this accreditation body was cancelled last year. Between February and April, she had to stay after work and come in on weekends to complete the time-intensive work with five criterion chairs and project leader Hill. Sara had to learn the entire process and was responsible for all logistics, online document management and editing. This was way beyond her normal duties and also exceeding her normal scope of responsibilities. She dealt well with the enormous stress this caused and always stayed cheerful and willing to take on even more duties, as they arose.

During fall 2017, there was additional need for Sara to help us out with an extremely confidential project that required review of a lot of sensitive documents and preparing responses to a hearing. This was a project that Sara was trusted with because she is a very reliable and professional person. Essentially, despite this high-priority work, Sara did complete all her other duties on time and with a smile and she has shown in so many ways that she is a team player and a very valuable asset to our office beyond her job description.

Sara is as thoughtful and dedicated as anyone with whom I have worked. She continually generates ideas and looks out for potential problems and possibilities for improvement. For example, both the 10-year accreditation report and the plans for hosting the visiting reviewers will be much improved because of her input. Second, she put in extra hours and an amazing amount of effort and attention into updating our comprehensive report for accreditation this year. Working under intense pressure, she spend countless hours tracking down documents and bits of information and kept the many moving pieces organized in a way that was truly impressive. For both her abilities and her high level of dedication, she is extremely deserving of the STAR award.”