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2015_alumni_profile_600Alumni Rachel and Casey Neuman ’14, of Elderon, fell in love at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh not just with each other but with nursing as well.

The couple—better known in the College of Nursing as Team Neuman—graduated and started new jobs at Aspirus Wausau Hospital at the same time.

Their shared journey started in high school in 2006. “Casey said he first noticed me
when I was Belle in my high school production of Beauty and the Beast, and then we started talking after that,” Rachel said. They married in spring 2010.

The Neumans chose nursing at UWO because of the lasting impact it would have on their lives. They love to teach, help people and be challenged daily.

“It was a mix of our passion and mission in life, our academic interests and skills, incredible room for growth and flexibility, and job security,” Rachel said. “Nursing can change with you, and throughout your career you can reinvent yourself.”

Team Neuman became a mantra that helped the couple finish school together. Faculty even came to recognize the dynamic duo. Nursing instructor Mary Ann Monteith said the Neumans were memorable for their passion.

“They were a team in every imaginable way,” Monteith said. “Each has unique and distinct gifts, talents and interests that make them strong. But together they were so much stronger.”

Casey wants to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. Rachel may pursue a nursing educator role or earn a diabetic nurse educator certificate. But for now, she sees herself in a home care position or school nursing, as the two hope to start a family soon.

by Kaitlyn Knox