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Brian Ramsay, who works for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Department of Teaching and Learning as an academic department associate, has been named the recipient of the June 2018 STAR Award.

He was nominated by Stephanie Bernander, associate professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Ramsay’s nomination follows:

“Brian came to us at a time of transition in the department. He quickly learned all his job responsibilities plus helped out the part-time academic department associate in our department when she was hired. Our part-time academic department associate is now leaving, and Brian has gone above and beyond to make sure that all aspects of both positions are covered at all times. If he doesn’t get the work done himself, he is very good at delegating work to other graduate assistants or STEP workers to make sure that the department continues to run smoothly. Our department continues to run smoothly because of his dedication and commitment.

“On several occasions when I have needed some last minute work done for my grant, Brian has been willing to step in and help me get the work completed. This happened at a time that my sister was diagnosed with cancer, and I wasn’t on campus for a couple weeks in the summer to be with her. Brian stepped in to make sure forms got down to the dean for signature and over to financial services for payment. Even though the grant is not technically a requirement of his job, he was willing to help out in a time of great need.

“I have listed two specific examples, but could provide more. It is the daily things Brian does like always greeting everyone with a smile and hello. Every night before he leaves, he checks to see if there is anything else people need before he leaves. If they do happen to need something, he will stay a bit longer to make sure it gets done. Brian has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our department. I can honestly say I don’t know what we would do without having him here.”