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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Division of Online and Continuing Education offers summer academies for youth that provide an inside look into exciting and in-demand career fields with instruction from local professionals.

Discover firefighting

Live the life of a firefighter by taking part in an outstanding firefighting program for middle and high school students. Fight fires and learn life-saving techniques while gaining hands-on experiences by performing tasks and training exercises alongside local firefighters. The academies are held at UW Oshkosh with visits to area fire departments and training facilities.

The Basic Academy, held June 24-28; and the Advanced Academy, held July 15-18, are open only to high school students (9th-12th grade). The Middle School Academy, held June 10-13, is open only to middle school students (6th-8th grade). The fee for each program is $450 and includes all instructional materials and transportation, as well as food and lodging for the duration of the academy.

Investigate police

Tour local law enforcement departments and learn from area police and public safety professionals. Participants in the Police Academy will undergo hands-on training sessions based on real police training exercises, including using handcuffs and standard uniform tools, working with a K-9 dog, clearing a room, using training gear like paint rounds, tasers and hit pads, conducting traffic stops and bike patrol as well as taking part in a criminal investigation. Through these field activities, participants will get a realistic view of the skills and education it takes to be a police officer.

The academy is held on the UW Oshkosh campus June 17-21, 2108 and is open to middle school and high school students (6th-12th). The fee for this program is $450 and includes all instruction materials and food and lodging for the duration of the academy.

These programs are cosponsored by various campus departments and community partners. Learn more at or contact Cindy Brun at (920) 424-1458