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UW Oshkosh Model United Nations team

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Model United Nations team once again won more awards than any other university at the 58th annual Midwest Model United Nations Competition in St. Louis.

The competition was held from February 20-25, 2018 and involved more than 500 students from 42 universities in thirteen states representing 64 nations. UW Oshkosh students represented seven nations: Ghana, Belgium, India, Argentina, Turkey, Chad, and Portugal.

UW Oshkosh delegation representing Ghana

In the General Assembly, UW Oshkosh students won an Outstanding Delegation Award and an honorable mention. The winning delegation represented the Ghana, with the honorable mention going to students representing Belgium.

UW Oshkosh students also won six Outstanding Delegate Awards and four honorable mentions in the four General Assembly committees. In addition, UW Oshkosh delegates received six of the eight Outstanding Position Paper Awards, for the papers they were required to submit in advance of the start of the competition. Significantly, Position Paper Awards were won by UW Oshkosh delegations representing five different countries.

In addition, UW Oshkosh delegates swept the Delegates’ Choice Awards, determined by the vote of the participating delegates, winning the only award in each of the four committees.

“As demonstrated in the Committee and Position Paper Awards, UW Oshkosh students once again excelled in accurately representing the interests and viewpoints of nations from all major regions of the world,” said Kenneth J. Grieb, coordinator of international studies and faculty adviser to the Model United Nations Organization.

Delegates were judged on their knowledge of the issues, the accuracy of their representation of their nation’s foreign policy, their diplomatic and negotiating skills enabling them to build consensus support, and their writing and speaking skills.

The UW Oshkosh students receiving both Outstanding Delegate and Delegates’ Choice Awards were: Karee J. Orrick, Sister Bay, representing Ghana in the Economic and Financial Committee; Stephanie L. Liechty, Oregon, representing Ghana in the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee; and Colleen V. Huston, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, representing Belgium in the Special Political Committee. Zachary Q. Vetter, Mayville, also won a Delegates’ Choice Award representing Ghana in the Disarmament Committee.

Other UW Oshkosh delegates receiving Outstanding Delegate Awards were: Sarah K. Rowley, Port Washington, representing Ghana in the Special Political Committee; Tabitha A. Engstrom, Crystal Lake, Illinois, representing Portugal in the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee; and Zoe S. Dahse, Racine, representing Belgium in the Disarmament Committee.

Delegate Honorable Mentions were won by Vetter; Josey R. Strand, New Berlin, representing Argentina in the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee; Andria N. Marsh, Neenah, representing Turkey in the Economic and Financial Committee; and Derek L. Endries, Newton, representing Chad in the Economic and Financial Committee.

The award-winning delegation of Republic of Ghana, which received an Outstanding Delegation Award in the General Assembly, as well as 2 position paper awards, consisted of: Orrick, head delegate, Rowley, Liechty, and Vetter.

Students representing Belgium, which received an Honorable Mention in the General Assembly, as well as a position paper award, were: Matthew R. Clowney, Elkhorn, head delegate, Dahse, Huston, and Macy L. Justinger, Sheboygan Falls.

Members of delegation representing India, also receiving a position paper award, were: Kirby M. Lawlis, Stevens Point, head delegate; Alexander P. Siebers, Sherwood, Avis R. Mueller, Andalusia, Illinois, and Stephen R. Spiedel, Fond du Lac.

Students representing Argentina, who received a position paper award, were: Strand, head delegate, Coleman M. Korb, Neenah, and Hailey M. Lawrence, Racine.

Turkey, also receiving a position paper award, consisted of: Marsh, head delegate, Sydney J. Devitt, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Carrie R. Reed, Oshkosh, and Natalie P. Britt, Plymouth.

The delegation of Chad consisted of: Endries, head delegate, Michael A. Hettig, Milwaukee, and Amy C. Gogin, Monroe.

Members of the delegation representing Portugal were: Engstrom, head delegate, Maitzeng Chang, Sheboygan, Sam N. Brahm, Milwaukee, and Maryam D. Savage, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.