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Weekly blog updates have boosted the popularity of a newly released journalism textbook that is second in a series for a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh professor.

Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing, written by University of Wisconsin Oshkosh professor of journalism Vincent Filak, has been ranked as Amazon’s No. 1 new release in journalism.

“When I first pitched this book to the publisher a big problem was that the book would go stale so quickly,” Filak said. “This is where the idea for the blog came from. It’s a lot to juggle but I love doing it.”


Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing features a companion workbook for students as well as the blog that includes tips, tricks and exercises. The blog currently has about 160 posts related to an array of media fields. It is updated weekly by Filak and can be found at

Between the the textbook, workbook, blog and additional online study resources, Filak considers Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing a “full service experience.”

This is the second book in Filak’s Dynamics series that highlights the numerous facets of journalism and media writing. The third book in the series, Dynamics of Media Editing, is slated for release in 2019.

Dynamics is a series of textbooks crafted for the modern student. The books stress the use of new and emerging media in career fields, such as journalism, public relations and social media management.

Writing skills

Brian Sheridan, a professor of communication at Mercyhurst University, Pennsylvania, uses Filak’s book in his Newswriting and Reporting Principles class. He was compelled to use Filak’s newest book based on his positive experience with Dynamics of Media Writing.

“Both editions come with strong support from Filak and the publisher,” Sheridan said. “The online site gave me access to materials, such as pertinent videos and test examples. Filak himself is accessible to help me as the instructor to create a better class for my students, which I really appreciate.”

Sheridan is encouraged by the positive feedback he has received from his students about the textbook.

“The book is modern and very easy to follow along with,” said Kalie Rzodkiewicz, a senior communications major at Mercyhurst. “The way our author uses examples throughout the book allows me to see how reporters would write a variety of current, up-to-date stories. News writing styles change over time and our author provides the best learning styles available for me to be successful and further my writing skills.”

After its release in January 2018, Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing enjoyed a week-long stint as Amazon’s No. 1 new release in journalism. Filak hopes his next book, Dynamics of Media Editing, will be just as successful.

“My next book will be a tool for learning very universal skills like spelling, grammar and fact-checking,” Filak said. “It’s an extension of purpose that begins with Media Writing.”

Before joining UW Oshkosh in fall 2008, Filak worked as an associate professor of journalism at Ball State University, where he was the adviser to the Ball State Daily News. He currently serves as the adviser to UW Oshkosh’s student newspaper, The Advance-Titan.

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