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George Paul, who works as a network tech in information technology, has been named the recipient of the February 2018 STAR Award.

He was nominated by Victor Alatorre, information technology director of infrastructure.

Paul’s nomination follows:

“I have worked with George for many years. During his employment in the network and telecommunications group, George has demonstrated a strong commitment to service.

“In the last year, he has co-managed the implementation of a campus wide VOIP (voice over IP) project allowing our campus to replace a 40+ year phone system for a new modern system inclusive of all network infrastructure supporting.

“This required retooling of George’s skill set to address the logistics of cleaning up 2600 legacy phones, delivering and porting 1900 new phones, communicating with the Telco project managers and constituents for many months. His attention to detail has been a requirement for the success of this project.

“He is responsible for verifying information and delivering a custom experience for each department impacted by this project. The upgrade has required him (and others) to work long hours, handle incredibly tedious (detailed) work and deliver network upgrades throughout campus after everyone else has gone home for the day.

“George is respected among his peers and those he collaborates in the Facilities Management Office, Residence Life, Student Union, and Athletics (among others). I see him at the forefront of current and future leaders in IT delivering high quality services to meet the needs of our University. In addition, George participates in various safety and governance committees.”

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