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Judy Bratz, who works as a custodian for Facilities Management at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the January 2018 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Lori Worm, of Finance and Administration, and Rob Roberts, of Finance and Administration and Sponsored Programs and Faculty Development.

Bratz’s nomination follows:

“We’re pleased to nominate Judy Bratz, second floor Dempsey Hall custodian, for the STAR Award. We believe she is surpassing our expectations as she more than meets her normal job responsibilities. Judy shows remarkable attention to details as she takes care of our surroundings. She established a posting place for us where we may leave notes for her as to any special custodial needs we might have. Her foresight in doing this makes our work and hers more efficient. Making a greater effort than is asked of her, Judy frequently does more than she is required to do (e.g. washing an especially dirty window, cleaning up a small beverage spill overlooked by a staff member, dusting a particularly unclean table top, etc).

“Her genuine willingness to accomplish these unexpected tasks, and her skills in doing so, are exceptional. Judy radiates authentic goodwill toward each person she encounters, readily sharing a smile and a good word. She frequently demonstrates that goodwill through generous acts of kindness. Judy is shining like a star in her job and all the Dempsey Hall second floor staff members appreciate her outstanding work. We heartily recommend Judy Bratz for the STAR Award.”