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Jane Luker, who works as the College of Letters and Science dean’s assistant has been named the recipient of the November 2017 STAR Award at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

She was nominated by Kim Rivers, interim associate dean and history professor for the college.

Luker’s nomination follows:

“Jane deserves this award for many reasons. She is remarkably helpful in all of her interactions with the University community, from students to staff, to faculty. She is always helpful, always smiling, and takes on more responsibility than she is required to do by her job.

“One example that stands out in my mind is how she was able to get the Faculty Committee Election process for all of COLS’ standing committees online, which many people had wanted to see happen for years. Before Jane’s move to the Dean’s Office, the whole thing was done by paper ballot. It was extremely tedious to count up the votes for all the run-offs, and many of us thought about moving the process online. Jane got it done.

“Another example of a change that Jane made that affected faculty was her reorganization of the files for promotion and for tenure and renewal. I have sat on committees for many years and had never seen such a beautifully labeled place to store the files until Jane reorganized everything in 2016-2017. This is clearly more than she had to do, because no none did it before. She also does a marvelous job of screening these files as they come into the COLS Office, ensuring that candidates have the correct materials in their files and notifying departments when elements are missing. This, too, is more than she really has to do, and has been noticed by many people.

“Jane is a great person, who does a marvelous job!”

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