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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh launched the MBA executive program option in 2013.

Since then, demand has increased and the most recent cohort reached capacity. Beginning the 2017-18 academic year, the MBA program will offer an additional executive cohort in order to meet demand and offer additional time frame options for students–offering more options for MBA education within the region.

The UW Oshkosh MBA executive program is an accelerated option completed in 16 months. It features a cohort learning environment and a 10-day international study tour spanning two countries. Classes begin in September and graduation is held the following December. The additional cohort will begin in February and graduation will be held the following May.

A majority of UW Oshkosh MBA executive alumni surveyed said the accelerated 16-month option was a determining factor when choosing an MBA program.

“Time to degree is essential for many students. They want to apply their knowledge on the job and quickly get a return on their investment,” said Kristi Cutts, associate director of MBA admissions. “Adding a February start allows students to begin their education in either spring or fall, when it’s the ideal time for them.”

Employer demand for MBA graduates remains strong according to the 2016 Year-End Poll of Employers Report produced by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). 79 percent of employers who responded to the poll plan to hire MBA graduates in 2017.

“Employers see value in MBA executive education and recognize its immediate impact on business,” said Dale Feinauer, faculty director of the MBA program at UW Oshkosh. “We are proud to provide employers in the New North region with the quality education they expect from UW Oshkosh to develop their best and brightest.”

Meanwhile, the professional MBA program option is also making some changes to meet student needs.

The College of Business recently approved a curriculum change to the MBA professional program. This change removes foundation level coursework as a prerequisite for admission.

Under the original 33-credit curriculum, students with insufficient academic business coursework were required to take up to 15 additional credits of foundation level coursework. The new curriculum will remove foundation level courses as a prerequisite into the program while still offering a flexible format for students. A set of tools courses have been embedded in the program to prepare students for core MBA curriculum.

“The new curriculum is strategically designed, allowing students to earn a reputable degree while reducing barriers to entry. For some, this will also reduce time to completion,” Cutts said.

The new streamlined curriculum will continue to be offered online and onsite and will feature several new courses.

Emphases will continue to be offered in healthcare management, human resource management, international business, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Project Management.

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