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Dan Petersen, network administrator in informational technology, has been named the recipient of the June 2017 STAR Award.

He was nominated by Joseph Kerkhof, web application developer in informational technology.

Petersen’s nomination follows:

“Dan has always been extremely quick to respond to my requests for help. He has been an essential part of the go-live process for our WordPress sites (he has always responded within a couple hours to update DNS settings). Dan also has been extremely helpful in migrating our WordPress sites off of our internally hosted servers onto MediaTemple. He spent a couple hours helping me troubleshoot file permissions, database backup and WordPress plugin migration tools. Dan recently helped me troubleshoot why the virtual tour map wasn’t working. He provided files from a backup that I accidentally deleted and I was able to fix this issue with his help.

“The University has been having some trouble with slow and broken connections to our WordPress host … Dan went above and beyond by setting up server scripts to constantly monitor the status of our sites. His help in debugging the problem has helped lead the University to look for different hosting options and provide a better service to University faculty, staff and students.

“Dan actively monitors databases for our locally hosted sites and alerted me to a site, which was being spammed with over 52,000 spam accounts. He helped me plug the hole and delete the spam users. In my first few months of working here at UW Oshkosh, Dan has been the most reliable and able to help me in high priority situations. His timeliness, level-headedness, and patience has been a huge help to me as I learn the UW Oshkosh web systems. I greatly appreciate his help.”

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