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starPauline Shulse, who works for the Center for Academic Resources as a university services program associate, has been named the recipient of the May 2017 STAR Award.

She was nominated by her supervisor, Jessica Spanbauer, director for Center for Academic Resources.

Shulse’s nomination follows:

“Pauline Shulse is highly deserving of the STAR Award for many reasons. Our Center is a very small department in terms of professional staff, but we employ nearly 300 students each year and serve thousands of students with our services. Pauline not only coordinates the recruitment and hiring of these students, but she assists in the supervision of them as well. She exhibits a high degree of efficiency, organization, and attention to detail in her daily work. Her exemplary planning skills have ensured that we are able to offer sufficient learning assistance in the most demanding courses each semester. What really impresses me the most about her is the individualized attention she gives to the students whenever possible. I could continue to expound upon her phenomenal skills and characteristics, but this award, I believe, is about what she does above and beyond.

“Pauline continually seeks out opportunities to improve her professional skills. She participated in the leadership series offered on campus and then in an effort to continue networking with others, she organized monthly meetings over lunch. She has taken advantage of many training opportunities through University¬†marketing to enhance her website management skills. She oversaw the complete overhaul of our website this past year and seeks out training for updates and improvements. She has taken many of our processes and made them more efficient utilizing online forms and applications. She enrolled in a computer science course this past summer to learn even more about website development and management. Also over this past year, she developed and implemented our tutor training course on D2L to improve departmental efficiency. She is very creative and is always looking for new ways to showcase our department by gathering data and presenting it in multiple and engaging ways and creating unique brochures as well.

“Pauline has served as a recorder for three campus searches and did an outstanding job of keeping track of all the information and scheduling. She is extremely hard working, organized, efficient, and I am very lucky to have her working in this department. On top of learning everything to be great at her job, she makes certain to know what is going on university wide in terms of initiatives and strategic planning, understanding that we are one part of a larger unit with the goal of student success in mind. To top it all off, she has a great sense of humor! Pauline has been a huge asset to not only this department, but to the University and is highly deserving of the STAR Award.”

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