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imgresFive University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students will join undergraduates from across UW System in presenting their research posters at the 14th-Annual Research in the Rotunda at the state Capitol in Madison on Wednesday, April 12.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. the students and their faculty advisers will share their research findings on a variety of important topics with legislators, state leaders, UW alumni and other supporters. At noon UW System President Ray Cross will address the gathering.

The UWO poster presenters are:

  • Landyn Mill, senior, of Oshkosh, with faculty mentor Marianne Johnson, “Analyzing the Progress of the Sustainable Development Goals: Identifying Sources of Problem Using a Production Function;”
  • Wesley Morioka, senior, of Chicago, Illinois, with Christopher Bianchetti, “Elucidating the Role of 4-Coumarate: CoA Ligase in Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis;”
  • Katrina Schiedemeyer, senior, of Oshkosh, with Mike Godfrey, “Leaning Out the Education System;’
  • Max Schwid, senior, of Sussex, with Eric Hiatt, “Origin of Iron and Phosphate-Rich Marine Sediments during the Last Snowball Earth Ice Age (ca. 640 Million Years before Present) and their Signigificance for Biogeochemical Cycles, Mato Grosso, Brazil;” and
  • Rebecca Tolfa, junior, of Jackson, with Ashley Thompson, “Underrepresented but Overexposed: Differences in Experiences with Discriminatory Behavior and Sexual Assault on Campus between Gender Minority and Cisgender Students.”

The students also have the opportunity to visit their state legislators’ offices.

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