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starLisa Goetsch, who works as reservations coordinator at Reeve Union, has been named the recipient of the February 2017 STAR Award.

She was nominated by her supervisor Sara Ann Suwalski, assistant director of operations.

Portions of Goetsch’s nomination follows:

“I am pleased to nominate Lisa Goetsch for the STAR Award. Anyone who has had the chance to work with Lisa realizes that she goes above and beyond in her position. I have had the chance to work with and supervise Lisa for the past nine years. Her position as reservations coordinator is to assist with taking requests for rooms, to ensure a location and equipment is scheduled and prepared for them as well as clearly communicating between the requester and the Reeve Union staff. Lisa completes this work in a personalized manner and she truly works as an event planner with our students, campus departments and community.

“In recent years, the expectations of meeting guest and campus needs have expanded and Lisa has grown to meet those expectations. She and a small group of folks jumped into implementing a new space scheduling software. As the campus resident expert in the previous program her knowledge and expertise was and continues to be invaluable. Lisa serves as an administrator, trainer, and knowledge base for employees who are using the software. She enjoys the challenge, the opportunity to learn and teach, and is kind in her support of others. Additionally, she has worked collaboratively with various departments to develop a process that identifies events that would benefit from a specific pre-event meeting. She coordinates with our operations staff, the group sponsor and adviser as well as University Police to meet with groups to ensure details are explored and plans for a successful event are set.

“Many staff in our department and campus community have recognized Lisa’s strength of arranging, communication, critical thinking and development. She has been an asset that is often called on for coordinating needs for larger events such as the University Staff Day or the Harvey Milk Dinner, participate in numerous search committees as a member, record keeper or chairperson, volunteering to be a student organization advisor, and most recently serving as President of the University Staff Council. She has been instrumental in the University Personnel System policy review, revision and writing to ensure the involvement of University Staff in the process. Lisa has continued to identify and accept opportunities that give to and benefit the students and campus through the use of her talents while exposing her to new aspects of the University.

“Lisa’s positive, consistent and intentional approach to completing her position responsibilities go above and beyond each day. I am pleased to have her on staff and know that our department’s success is due to how she chooses to do her work on a daily basis.”

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