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starLori Halstead, who works in the Graduate Studies Office at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the January 2017 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Anna Filipova, who is chair of the Public Administration Department.

Filipova’s Nomination follows:

“I would like to nominate Ms. Lori Halstead, a graduate admissions and records Support specialist, in the UW Graduate Studies Office for consideration for the STAR Award in recognition of her commitment to helping the Public Administration Department serve students outstandingly. I got to know Lori since I became a chair of the Public Administration Department in 2015. I interact with her almost on a daily basis regarding new and current students. Lori is always ready to provide information, answer questions or meet a challenge with a smile on her face. Thanks to her exceptional ability to collaborate and timely communication, I was able to immediately contact new applicants or to address issues to student satisfaction. She has thus contributed significantly in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of my department in recruiting new students and in addressing a wide variety of student matters. During those interactions with her, I was impressed with her initiative, promptness, and quality of work. She also treats others with courtesy and respect and always displays a pleasant and friendly attitude.

“I have also observed Lori’s effective student recruitment skills and ability to relate to colleagues and students in a manner that reflects well upon the Public Administration Department and the University. Her positive attitude and thorough information about admission requirements, characteristics of the graduate program, and faculty in the program have inspired some students to apply to the MPA program. I was particularly thankful to Lori in informing new students who were on special student status about the opportunity to enroll in classes while their applications documents were being collected. This has allowed the department to prevent cancellation of classes in fall 2015 semester. I consider her an exemplary employee on whom I can always depend. She is extraordinary and very deserving of the STAR Award.”

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