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Highly motivated University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students now have the opportunity to pursue and obtain a master’s degree in economics within one year after completing an undergraduate degree at UWO.

A new partnership—between UW Oshkosh and Marquette University—offers an accelerated option for students to earn a master’s degree through the Marquette Economics Partnership Program. Through the partnership, Marquette accepts certain upper-level UW Oshkosh econ electives for graduate credit for students accepted into the program, which ultimately reduces the time requirement in the graduate program at Marquette to one year.



“This is exciting for UW Oshkosh because it provides our students more opportunity to obtain an excellent applied graduate degree in economics quickly. UW Oshkosh is the only public university in the country that currently has this partnership with Marquette,” said Chad Cotti, economics department chair at UW Oshkosh.

To be eligible for the Master of Science in Applied Economics from the Marquette University Graduate School of Management, students must complete the qualifying courses from UW Oshkosh, and have a minimum 3.0-cumulative-grade-point average and a 3.0-cumulative-grade-point- average in all economics classes taken.

Beginning this year, if accepted to Marquette’s program, UW Oshkosh students participating in this option will be able to earn their master’s degree in one year.

The option cuts time to a typical master’s degree in half, which Cotti said is ideal because it ultimately gets graduates to their field to work more quickly.

“We want to give our students more opportunity,” said Cotti, acknowledging that UW Oshkosh doesn’t offer a master’s degree in economics. “Marquette wants good students and we want to be able to provide good opportunities for our students, so this is really win, win.”

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