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2014_sum_lab_transformations_600Thanks to a donation from the Elmer Leach Foundation, the College of Nursing’s learning laboratory—first added to facilities at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1968—received a much-needed renovation with updated equipment in 1987.

Since then, more than 5,500 CON alumni have used the lab spaces to master essential nursing skills. Alumni likely remember the first time they placed an IV or learned a new procedure in a simulation setting.

The evolution of UWO’s nursing programs during the past 48 years has been amazing; so much has been accomplished with limited resources.

This August, the cycle of transformation began again. This time, the learning laboratories are moving out of Nursing Education’s basement and into the newly renovated Clow Complex in 2016.

“It is a pleasure to showcase the proposed changes with guests as they walk through our current space and to boast about what is to come,” said Rebecca Cleveland, CON’s assistant director of student academic affairs. “The excitement among new and prospective students and their families is palpable. We will finally have the exceptional physical setting for student learning that matches our exceptional student outcomes.”

2014_sum_lab_transformations_sketch_300The nursing Graduate Lab will include six exam rooms, three debriefing rooms and charting space. “Expanding the Graduate Lab allows for implementation of innovative and transformational education methods for nurse practitioner students in the areas of health assessment, advanced diagnostics and development of evidence-based treatment plans,” said Mary Kate Friess, assistant director of advanced practice nursing.

Modern instructional spaces

Highlights include a Simulation Center with four simulation labs, an Alumni Student Practice Lab, a Heritage Conference Room and a nursing history wall.

Exciting technology upgrades will feature expanded computer access, including a 30-person, drop-in computer lab; student 2014_sum_lab_transformations_300organization meeting rooms; and multiple faculty/student collaboration spaces.

State funds have been appropriated for the renovation. However, philanthropic donors are needed to help the college
fill the lab spaces with needed equipment.

Jeanne Hiatt, CON Learning Lab manager said, “We will have a separate student practice lab, allowing for flexible use during the times that daily lab classes are taking place in the Elmer Leach Learning Lab—no more having to practice on IV arms in the hallway while another class is in the lab! This is something that we have needed for a long time.”

For more information about how you can support CON’s laboratory transformation, contact Shelby Lang in the Advancement Office at (920) 424-3165.