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Schultz2Cindy Schultz, who works in the Journalism Department at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the July STAR Award.

She was nominated by Timothy Gleason, chair and journalism professor, and Sara Steffes Hansen, associate journalism professor.

Schultz’s nomination follows:

“Cindy Schultz goes far beyond the call of duty to benefit the Department of Journalism in many impressive ways.

“First, the department produces many materials in Associated Press style, which requires writers to spend time learning and writing AP Style, and using it in writing. Cindy took it upon herself to take classes such as Writing for the Media and New and Emerging Media in order to be strong in AP Style and write for new technology platforms, such as blogs and social networks, on behalf of the department.

“Second, Cindy used her new writing and technology skills to improve her voluntary work in 1) overseeing the department’s STEP interns who write for our blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms; 2) actually writing great blog posts herself about what’s happening in the department; and 3) contributing to broader department efforts to improve marketing of our journalism and public relations majors such as preview days and social gatherings.

“Third, Cindy took initiative to not only make our STEP students and marketing/social communications work better and more efficiently for the department. She also took over all of the Advance-Titan accounting with multiple advertising accounts in order to improve processes and billing for companies choosing to advertise with the newspaper–as well as the AT staff. She took over this work without being paid and improved the setup in order to set a standard for future work. This work was arduous–with about 5-10 hours a week outside of her daily duties.

“Fourth, Cindy continues to step up where the department needs her. She adds very helpful knowledge and organization to the department’s Instructional Resources Committee, aiding its gain of new computers and software for the three journalism computer labs.

“And fifth, as the department prepared for its accreditation visit this fall, we acknowledge Cindy’s incredible organization and attention to detail that ensures our exhaustive paperwork is prepared for the accreditation site team visit in good order. DO WE HAVE A PAGE NUMBER FOR THE BINDERS? She is diligent and committed to this paperwork being on time, and meeting high expectations of the accrediting body.

“Many people on this campus know Cindy for her tireless giving and service, such as leading the Bare Essentials campaign this fall to provide needy families with basic clothing and living items. In the Journalism Department, we are thankful for her many contributions (as listed) as well as the smile and positive attitude she delivers along with her amazing service. She is the kind of person for which the STAR award was created, and we feel immense thankfulness and pride for Cindy. She not only delivers on what needs to be done, she thinks ahead in a strategic way in order to help her department and colleagues be prepared for the “next” thing.”

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