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intstudnts1At first, many college students may have a difficult time adjusting to college, but imagine how much more challenging the transition would be if you were going to college in a different country away from family and friends.

Twenty-seven international students are set to graduate from UWO on Saturday, May 14.

Jenna Graff, international education director, said 16 of the international students are graduating with their master’s degrees, 10 with bachelor’s degrees and one with her doctorate.

The UWO international students’ graduation celebration took place on May 5 in the Alumni Welcome and Conference Center.

Graff said many of the students who attended are Korean students who are receiving their master’s degrees.

The speakers at the celebration were Provost and Vice Chancellor Lane Earns, Marguerite Parks, chair of educational leadership and policy and Karen Gibson, assistant professor of educational leadership and policy.

Student speakers were Kabsoo Kim, who is receiving a master’s of science in educational leadership and Sister Paulina Osei, who is receiving a bachelor of science in education and human services.

Osei is from Ghana and has been living at Father Carr’s during her undergraduate years. She hopes to be able to stay for her master’s degree, as she is graduating this spring from UW Oshkosh.

Osei spoke about her experiences in Oshkosh learning a new language, culture and environment, especially Wisconsin winters. She gave advice to her peers to stay focused on their dreams and to not be afraid to take risks.

Kim is from South Korea and lived in Havenwood Heights in Oshkosh. He said he hopes to write policy statements to propose to his Education Office, which could help promote a positive learning and work environment. He also wants to put his learning experience at UWO into practice as a school leader.

Kim spoke about his gratitude for the opportunities and everything he has learned at UWO. He related his experiences to the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, as he said he chose the road less traveled by coming to Oshkosh.

The celebration concluded with congratulatory speeches, appetizers and cake to celebrate the students’ graduation and achievements.

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