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25386651285_5649fcecac_zBao Vue, who works in Financial Aid Office at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the March STAR Award.

She was nominated by Kim Donat, director of Financial Aid at UW Oshkosh.

Portions of Vue’s nomination follows:

Bao has become an important person in the office. Her position is the first contact within the Financial Aid Office for students visiting the office. She is welcoming and most helpful. Being courteous and respectful are extremely important for our area. In addition to her duties, she has assumed other duties due to a position not being filled. She does all of our ordering of supplies, assists in the hiring, schedules and keeps track of the work study students for our office, and remains current on financial aid regulations so that she is able to give accurate and up to date information to our visitors. Keep in mind that this would be the direct responsibility of our counselors. However, she pitches in and tries to do her best. Staff appreciate her quiet spirit and positive outlook.

Also, she took it upon herself to update several Tetzlaff Loan forms and procedures. She made the corrections and then asked me for my approval. This is a great example of thinking proactively for our department. She didn’t have to do any of this, but she went above and beyond to improve our processes, which will impact our students. Also, she stepped up when we needed somebody to manage the applications for a counselor vacancy. She assembled all of the files and made the appropriate copies for the committee chair and myself. This took her away from her normal duties, but she did an outstanding job with it. I was pleased to see her performance.

“In the absence of the USA2 position, various duties were picked up by me as the director. However, Bao has helped with these management duties because she knows that I’m away from that area and have other responsibilities. She has helped to keep me current with my work. This is above and beyond her duties, but it speaks of who she is as a staff member and person. It’s with honor that I nominate Bao for this award. She comes to work every day with a positive outlook and a desire to serve those around her. These are quality traits for a young professional. Bao sees herself as a professional and her work is more than a job–it’s her profession and she cares deeply about it.”

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