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The Faculty Development Board invites the submission of proposals for the Special Grant Mentoring Component for review during the Spring 2008 application cycle.

This component provides support for intensive training and mentoring in extramural grant proposal development, writing and submission for those who are unfamiliar with these activities.

Participants will attend at least four grantsmanship workshops during the project period. Topics will be determined by participant needs and interests.

Participants will work collaboratively with their mentors and with the other members of the Special Grant Mentoring Component cohort. This will require regular and active participation in group and individual mentoring sessions for planning, progress checking, goal setting, proposal writing and feedback. Up to five grant writer/mentor pairs will be assigned by the Faculty Development Board.

Stipend/Auxiliary Support
At the time the extramural grant application is submitted to the funding agency, the participant and his or her mentor will each receive a stipend of 3.75 percent CAS. In addition, the participant will be awarded up to $500 in auxiliary support for travel to confer with an appropriate program officer with the targeted granting agency.

How to Apply
Projects will be evaluated based on the participant’s likelihood of successfully getting extramural funding. All proposals must be submitted through the appropriate department unit and college offices. Proposal cover sheets are available on the Web at or from the Office of Grants and Faculty Development (738 High Avenue).

Proposals are due in the appropriate college office (or Assistant Vice Chancellor, Assistant Chancellor) on February 25, 2008. After review by those offices, they will be forwarded to the Office of Grants and Faculty Development by March 3, 2008.

Project Periods
Proposals for projects that are scheduled to begin during Spring 2008 may be submitted in this application cycle.

Submit six stapled copies of each proposal (including two copies with a cover sheet), to the department/unit head and Dean for signature. The Dean’s Office keeps one copy with a cover page and sends the remaining five copies including one with a signed cover page to the Office of Grants and Faculty Development. In addition, each proposal should include (in order): an abstract, a proposal narrative (single spaced) and progress reports (if applicable). Pages should be numbered and stapled. Only two copies are to include a cover sheet, but a total of six stapled copies must be submitted.

Proposals must include:

  • An abstract
  • A proposal narrative describing a project idea for an extramural grant proposal targeted to a nationally-competitive external funding program, and for more than $75,000 in funding; a description of the groundwork already completed; a statement of your experience/needs in the area of grant seeking; and the identification of at least one potential funding source. In most cases, proposal narratives should not exceed three pages.
  • A curriculum vita

The Office of Grants and Faculty Development staff will not make any changes to any proposal once it is received. The maximum amount of CAS that can be requested at any time across all components cannot exceed 15 percent of the proposer’s salary. The maximum amount of CAS that can be requested under the Special Grant Mentoring Component is 3.75 percent.

Additional Information
Faculty who are considering submission of a proposal should contact their peers who have been successful in obtaining Faculty Development Program awards. Faculty may also contact Gary Adams (ext. 2071 or e-mail or Linda Freed (ext. 1415 or e-mail for more information.

Award Announcement
Final award decisions will be made in mid-April 2008.