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Dunkin Donuts’ marketing was no match for one University of Wisconsin Oshkosh business major.

The work of UW Oshkosh senior Jason Kobishop recently won Best Information Content at the Digital Signage Expo 2010 in Las Vegas.

His work on the Titan Pride video for CampusVision was selected out of more than 50 entries, including entries from marketing firms and content creators for major brands such as Dunkin Donuts and Aramark.

“It’s rewarding to see all the hard work that was put into Campus Vision be recognized on a national level,” said Kobishop. ” Reeve Union offered me a great opportunity by allowing me to head up this project and I am fortunate for the experience.”

Kobishop has worked in the Reeve Union marketing department for three years doing design, layout and videos for CampusVision, digital menu boards in Reeve Marketplace and graphics for the Reeve Memorial Union Web site.

Kate Unger, the marketing manager of Reeve Union, said Kobishop is an asset to their team.

“Jason’s creative talent can rival a seasoned professional’s any day,” she said. “He’s driven, dedicated and has strategy to continue making the right steps toward his ultimate career goal.  Reeve Union is proud to have someone like Jason work for us and is looking forward to seeing him grow and develop as a designer, artist and business professional after graduation.”

Nominees were selected based upon their creation of innovative and compelling content for the purpose of providing information or education, promoting products or services, or creating a unique experience.

Visix Inc., the makers of the AxisTV product that powers CampusVision, entered Kobishop’s work in the competition and also honored it at their company’s 2009 Expression Awards.