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When two UW-Milwaukee police officers were asked to teach a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) course a mere five days after being trained themselves, one UW Oshkosh Police officer stepped up to help the sister school.

Officer Robin West, who has been a certified RAD instructor for four years, offered not only her time and knowledge as a co-instructor, but also the equipment necessary for the session: padded suits for students to wear during the final simulation class.

In return, officers Marty Cavan and Steven Baudry of UW-Milwaukee will fill in for the much-needed role of “male aggressors” for UW Oshkosh’s final class on Dec. 13.

“For some unknown reason, there has been a shortage of trained and willing men for the RAD students to tick and punch,” West joked, adding that as many as 20 students complete the three mandatory scenarios as part of the final class.

“We have been using two defensive tactics instructors from the Corrections training academy — ‘Feed the Beast’ Tony Torgrimsen and his friend Dave — and they do an excellent job, but there will come a day when they won’t be available, and having three male aggressors for the scenarios is ideal.

“Dr. Liz Cannon and I are thrilled to have Marty and Steven join our RAD instructor family. They have a lot of knowledge when it comes to self defense and are very committed to helping women gain confidence in their ability to fend off an attacker or attackers,” West said.

The next RAD class for UW Oshkosh students will begin March 27. Any female employees who want to take the class or have their daughters take the class can contact Robin West at