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Enrollment at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has reached record numbers as 13,127 students attend classes for the fall 2009 semester, according to the Fall 2009 Early Enrollment Report.  Total enrollment has grown by 12.4 percent – from 11,684 to 13,123 – over the last decade.

“These numbers show that despite economic uncertainty, students are seeing the value of higher education and are making an investment in their future,” said Chancellor Richard H. Wells. “For enrollment to grow so significantly during the last 10 years is a testament to the value of Greater Wisconsin comprehensive universities and the innovation and creativity of faculty and staff who have worked hard to accommodate increasing demand in difficult economic times.”

According to University records, in 1971, enrollment peaked at 11,817 and was not exceeded for three decades, when it reached 11,994 in 2001. It has since continued to climb.

Record-setting enrollment and overall University growth have resulted in a dramatic increase in the University’s economic impact on the Oshkosh community and the New North region. UW Oshkosh’s economic impact of $500 million a year increased by 16 percent from 2003-2006 and is projected to continue to increase another 16 percent — or $80 million — by 2010. Meanwhile, the University is directly and indirectly responsible for creating 9,000 plus jobs and generating more than $37 million in state and local tax revenue.

Due to the recent completion of $100 million in new and renovated facilities, thousands of jobs have been directly and indirectly created and thousands more will continue to be created as the University embarks on another $100 million in construction over the next two to three years, including its first new academic building since 1971 and a new residence hall.

A final report, which will likely reflect even higher enrollment numbers, will be completed after the end of the fall semester.