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Anna Hill, Art Department University Service Associate, has been named recipient of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh October 2012 STAR Award.

Hill was nominated by Amanda Ziesemer. Portions of her nomination follow.

“Anna is an above and beyond outstanding person and employee in the Art Department. Anna is welcoming and caring to all students who come in her office. She is always finding ways to help students who come in with questions or problems. She has helped many students with questions about putting up their senior exhibition (which is many times their first installation) or training one of the many student workers in the department how to use HRS. She always makes time for whoever comes in the office even when she has a million other things to do.

“Her passion and dedication really shine through with her work for the Allen Priebe and Annex Galleries in the Arts and Communication Center. Anna is continually giving and doing far beyond her job duties. She is dedicated to supporting successful gallery exhibitions and aiding the gallery director bringing in artists from across the country. These are very valuable experiences and interactions for our students across campus and especially in the art department to see art and its importance in our culture and hear about opportunities after college. She is always finding new ways to advertise the galleries and reach more students and the community.
“Anna has a great welcoming personality, which is essential for her position dealing with so many different groups of people from artists, models, students and faculty. She is always willing to help to make sure things go smoothly. Her first concern is always for the students and what is best for them. Her work helps so many students and enriches their education inside and outside of the classroom, which is essential to a liberal arts education.”

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