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The following announcements were supplied by the Office of Grants and Faculty Development:

  • UW Oshkosh received a $2,000 contract through UW System from PhysioGenix Inc. of Milwaukee for a “T2DN Rat Research Project.” Dana Vaughan, biology and microbiology, is the project director, and MS candidate Tristan Thomas is the technician.
  • UW Oshkosh received a grant of $211,712 from the National Science Foundation for “Collaborative Research: RUI: On the Origin of Abundance Inhomogeneities in Globular Clusters” as part of a $540,000 research project with UC Santa Cruz to explore the histories of old star clusters in our galaxy. The collaboration will be lead by UW Oshkosh, with Michael Briley, physics and astronomy, as the project director.
  • Melissa Lantta, Academic Advising, will attend the 2009 National Academic Advising Conference in San Antonio, Texas, from Sept. 30 to Oct.  3. She received support through the academic staff component of the Faculty Development Program.
  • UW Oshkosh received $15,649 from the U.S. Department of Interior United States Geological Survey for “Water Resources Research Institute Annual Base Program.” Robert Stelzer, biology and microbiology, is the project director.