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The Office of Grants and Faculty Development is seeking books and CD covers for works that were published during 2007 for permanent display in the hallways of Dempsey Hall.

The additions will go up as part of UW Oshkosh’s Celebration of Scholarship, which will be held April 24.

The book/CD must be published by an external publisher and have undergone external peer review. Self-published works are not included in this request. As the intent of the Dempsey display is to feature scholarly work with UW Oshkosh affiliation, a significant portion of the work should have been completed during the author’s tenure at UW Oshkosh.

Personnel from all academic disciplines are encouraged to submit. Entries must be print material that can be framed and must include one or more of the following: research and/or scholarship leading to the production of new knowledge; increased problem-solving capabilities, including design and analysis; original critical or historical theory and interpretation; and original art or artistic performance/interpretation.

Entries must be donated. Framing, mounting and display will be arranged by the Office of Grants and Faculty Development.

Submissions must be sent to Susan Surendonk at the Office of Grants and Faculty Development by Jan. 7.