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At the April 28, 2009, Faculty Senate meeting, Bill Wacholtz reported on the Provost Staff meeting. Susan Nuernberg provided a LERT update, including a time line for the work needing to be done in preparation for the next accreditation.

The minutes of April 14, 2009, were approved. Randy Hedges discussed the changes made to encourage more use of the Crescent Café space and asked for feedback on how the changes have been working. Six people were nominated to serve on the FSEC. Voting will take place at the next Senate meeting.

Brant Kedrowski introduced the Intranet Bridge Task Force’s mission and solicited our input into what we would like it to include. APC items were presented. The first two items involving the general education approval process were tabled definitely until the May 26, 2009, meeting in order to make minor revisions and allow the assessment committee an opportunity to provide some feedback.

The senate approved several routine course and program actions. They also approved the recommended changes in Form A and Form C routing sheets and a pilot review process for Certification Programs, which were previously approved by the Provost’s office. The meeting was adjourned.