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At the April 14, 2009, Faculty Senate meeting, Anne Duginske and Tom Rowland provided an update on OSA’s and SAS’s activities, respectively. Bill Wacholtz reported on the Provost Staff and U-Plan meetings, and Jim Simmons reported on the Faculty Reps.

The minutes of the March 31 meeting were approved.

Old business: Senator McCann gave the final election report. The senate approved the Administrators Evaluation Committee request for a change in their charge. The Request for Entitlement to Plan: Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences was also approved.

Under new business, a Collective Bargaining Resolution was presented and passed. The University Facilities Naming Policy and Chalking Policy were discussed. The Senate examined System’s suggested Class Absence due to Military Service Policy and concluded we should amend our current policies on student absences to include this contingency.

The meeting was adjourned.