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The Jan. 13, 2009, Faculty Senate meeting was called to order by President Bill Wacholtz. Denise Robson reported on the Provost’s Staff meeting, and Bill Wacholtz on the December U-Plan meeting.

The minutes of Dec. 9, 2008 were approved.

Old business

The Campus Climate Survey Feedback Endorsement drafted by the president and the Executive Committee, based on input received at the last Senate meeting, was presented for approval by the full Senate. Minor editing revisions were suggested and will be incorporated into the final version of the report.

New business

A letter to the Chancellor drafted by the faculty advocacy committee addressing the need to increase faculty compensation was discussed. The letter was endorsed by the Senate. Copies of the letter also will be forwarded to UW System and Representative Hintz.

Several APC actions were approved as well as the Individually Planned Majors Program review. Meeting was adjourned.