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Textbook buy back begins on Thursday, Dec. 6, so University Books & More is asking faculty to place spring 2008 textbook orders as soon as possible.

At book buy back, University Books & More pays one-half of the new book price for books that are being reused in spring, provided additional copies are needed.

“Our students receive one-half of the new-book price regardless of whether they bought the book new or used. It also doesn’t matter where they purchased the book. In spring, we will sell the books we bought at buy back for 75 percent of the new book price. Both the student ‘selling’ the book and the student ‘buying’ the book will have reduced the cost of their textbooks,” said Joe Bloom, bookstore director.

In addition to saving students money, another important reason to submit textbook orders on a timely basis is that the Dean of Students Office and Disability Services must convert textbooks to a different format for the 70 UW Oshkosh students who use alternative electronic textbooks. It can take up to four weeks to convert them, so the timeliness of book orders is paramount for providing this federally mandated program.

So far, 81 percent of anticipated spring book orders have been received.