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Two headline-making scientists with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s College of Business will present “From Wall Street to Main Street: How Economic Policies Impact Behaviors” during a Research to Reception Speaker Series event Nov. 7 at Reeve Memorial Union.

“The speaker series highlights the contributions UW Oshkosh faculty and academic staff make beyond the classroom through their creative and scholarly activities that impact the community, the region and beyond,” said Interim Provost Al Hartman.

At the invitation-only event hosted by Chancellor Richard H. Wells and the UW Oshkosh Foundation, financial analyst Scott Beyer and microeconomist Chad Cotti will talk about how government regulation provides intended and unintended consequences on financial markets, politics and society.

Beyer will discuss the timely subject of government’s role in the economy and the stock market. His studies, conducted in collaboration with Gerald Jensen of Northern Illinois University and Robert Johnson of the CFA Institute, focus on how political and economic conditions have affected the performance of security markets during the past five decades.

A certified financial analyst, Beyer frequently is cited by the national press, including CNBC, In Business News and The Wall Street Journal.

Cotti’s research also has attracted the attention of prominent media outlets, such as The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and USA TODAY. His research interests include microeconomics related to public policy, health and labor economics.

“I will be focusing most of my talk on one particular project, which looks at the relationship that exists between smoking bans and drunk-driving fatalities,” Cotti said. “Specifically, the results of the empirical analysis indicate that there is an increase in drunk-driving fatalities following the passage of smoking bans.”

The UW Oshkosh Foundation launched the Research to Reception series in fall 2007 to showcase how UW Oshkosh faculty contributes to the quality of life in the region through their artistic and creative endeavors.

“In this second season of Research to Reception, the UW Oshkosh Foundation is proud to showcase the breadth and depth of the UW Oshkosh faculty across the colleges,” said UW Oshkosh Foundation President Art Rathjen. “In the spring, we will feature patient-centered research from the College of Nursing.”

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