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Colleges and Universities across the country are facing challenges. In the latest UWO Now podcast, Ed Martini, UW Oshkosh Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs discusses those challenges and trends in higher education.

Martini, who began his role in 2023, said he is a passionate advocate for public higher education. He said challenges need to be met head-on and leaders need to do what they can to preserve institutions of higher education so they can continue to be “that provider of talent, of access and of education.”

Listen to Provost Martini talk about challenges faced by UW Oshkosh and the changes being made for the future.


Among some of the trends  he mentioned is emergence of artificial intelligence.

AI will be “all over the place” in the future, Martini said.

“We might not like it, but we’ve got to develop students who know how to work with it,” he said.

Martini said UWO and higher ed, in general, needs to create graduates who can think, react, adapt and adjust to all of the rapid changes happening in the workplace.

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