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Nobody sees the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh quite like Pat Flood does.

Through his camera lens, he focuses on the action, joy and beauty of UWO’s three campuses. His images capture attention on UWO’s website, on its main social media accounts and in a myriad of communication and marketing materials.

Check out Flood’s favorite pictures from 2023 and learn how he created them in his own words.

Shooting hoops

After getting most of the shots I need for marketing, I go after one or two that may or may not work. Sitting under the basket with a wide angle lens limits what you can shoot. I wanted everything kind of balanced and having the player make the shot right under the basket and being able to see his upward turned face at the same time worked.

Reflections on the game

I asked this guy to stop for a photo just before the game started, specifically to get the crowd reflected in his visor. It took a little playing with to get the crowd (visible) but the quick ask and shot worked out like I thought.

Light and breezy

Dinner on the lawn is always a rich event for taking photos. I was focused on the guy in the foreground on his phone, as most students are. When the students who were backlit against a dark wall turned and smiled, I switched focus to them and it looked great.

Thrill of victory

I was at the Fox Cities campus for a welcome back event. They have a giant American flag that only works for the shot if I’m low and the subject is elevated. This worked out just right when one person beat their opponent and turned to celebrate the win.

Peace out

I sometimes look for students studying in the library as the rows of books lead the eye to the subject and really scream college life. The afternoon shaft of light looked cool but didn’t really work until the person saw me looking and gave me the double peace sign. That actually said “college” even more than the studying image did.

The future's so bright

Sometimes asking people at a game to pose for a shot just works. It worked with these two looking over the tops of their glasses like bosses.

Shadow play

I love what the pergolas do to the afternoon light outside Horizon Village. Someday I hope to catch students walking together where their faces fall in between the shadows just right. I just keep trying.

A Titan salute

I’ve been photographing a lot of the new marching band. These people are just fantastic, fun-loving students. When I just happened to have the drum major pose right in front of me with the flags flying in the background, well, it’s good to be lucky.

Moody blues

The dark sound studio was a hard place to photograph with blue light for panel operation, TV in the upper corner and warm lights in the background. I had to keep moving a small strobe to try and just get the light on the subject and not pollute the rest of the ambient light. I thought it worked out pretty well.

Shutter play

I shot a touchdown on 11 frames a second and thought it might be fun to stitch some of the series together. Not that anyone wanted or needed the photo like that, I just thought it was fun.

Captured in light

I had a few minutes to take a photo of these nursing students in the lab. I usually turn off the lights to use the softer window light rather than the overheads. One side was falling too dark. I rolled over a whiteboard and used it to bounce the window light back to the subject on the left. What do you know, it worked!

Going green

I was always curious about the greenhouse on top of Halsey. I mentioned it to a professor one day, and he said, ” I just happen to teach a class up there, you want to go up tomorrow and take some photos?” Heck yes, I do! This was a lucky shot from just sticking my camera in a plant and trying to keep myself out of the image in the tight space and hoping I got something.

A Grande event

The Grande Cheese offices in Fond du Lac are like a Google campus for cheese people. It’s amazing. When I got the chance photograph their courtyard for an alumni event, it was just fantastic. All the angles, fire and shadow and then still not pulling too much away from the people was just kinda cool.

Goalie's got game

I love shooting into the sun. It may be limiting what I can get, but when it works I like it. During soccer practice, this goalie catching an image in her own pool of warm light against a darker background was almost perfect. I would have liked to get the highlights on the left side out of the frame, but I had to keep moving to make sure I got other things.

One fine day

Happy people are just the most fun and easy to photograph. This image was easy for that reason. But having the Bygosh glasses and hat with the blue cotton candy and some background depth was easy to move on from as I knew that one was going to work just fine.