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The process of applying to college shouldn’t be as rigorous as a senior-level course.

Direct admission to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh—offered for qualifying students—offers an easier, smoother admissions process that takes the worry out of getting accepted.

Daniel Hamrin

“Direct admission streamlines the admissions process and eliminates the stress of the application process,” said Daniel Hamrin, director of admissions. “By eliminating those barriers students feel more confident that a college degree is attainable. Direct admission lets those students know upfront that they have done the work and earned a place in college.”

Students who qualify for direct admission can fill out a simplified application, with the assurance there is a spot for them to start as a first-year student at UW Oshkosh.

Direct admission is offered for graduating high school seniors from Oshkosh North or Oshkosh West high schools, or students who have participated in the UW Oshkosh Cooperative Academic Partnership Program, known as CAPP, or those who have participated in the UW Oshkosh Early College Credit Program (ECCP).

Most students will be eligible to enroll as a first-year student at the Oshkosh campus. Some students will be admitted directly to the Fox Cities campus first, if they desire, to take advantage of smaller class sizes and additional academic support opportunities.

Students who begin at the Fox Cities campus will be eligible to transition to the Oshkosh campus after completing a minimum of 12 credits—typically one semester.

Advisers will work to understand each student’s financial, academic and other special circumstances so that the transition to UWO is successful.

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