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Students at a Moreno, Calif., Elementary school will be learning more about the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as part of a program designed to encourage at-risk students to attend college.

UW Oshkosh alumnus John Hlava, ’74, a teacher at Butterfield Elementary School, will research the University with his fourth-grade class. UW Oshkosh is one of 40 universities from across the U.S. that will be studied as part of a year-long project promoted by No Excuses University.

“Part of this is to reprogram the staff and students into thinking that any student and every student is able to learn, and not make excuses for any child,” Hlava said.

Hlava said he treasures his time at UW Oshkosh and hopes his students will have similar experiences.

“My most memorable impressions are the people and the social aspect of college,” Hlava said. “When I share all these experiences it interests them immensely and they crave that kind of friendship.

Throughout the year, Hlava and his students will research the classes and programs at UW Oshkosh as well as the employment opportunities available to students after they receive degrees.

“So far, we have completed research reports on UW Oshkosh from the Internet,” Hlava said. “Each student was responsible for their own report and to select an area of study they would like to pursue.”

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