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Benjamin Konruff

As a College of Business student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Benjamin Konruff experienced a fulfilling career with plenty of internships and faculty-led research.

Real-world experiences

Konruff’s education and invaluable internship experience led to a secured job as a research specialist at Moraine Park Technical College prior to graduation. He is currently working part time and will transition to a full-time employee as of May 16, 2011.

“My experience at UW Oshkosh was a good one. I always felt connected with my professors and the subject matter that I was learning,” Konruff said. “The emphasis on real-world experience beyond the classroom was something that I took to heart; learning by doing is a challenge to teach in the classroom.”

Konruff was exposed to cultural differences and Chile’s employment law and hiring process during his internship on a blueberry plantation called El Campo Dulce de Mandella located in Pucon, Chile. He also gained experience in human resources as an intern at Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc. and later at Alta Resources.

“I dipped my toes in multiple areas of HR to include OSHA compliance, EEO policies and procedures, staffing, training, employee relations, and also assisted with the organizations annual fundraising event ‘Men Who Cook,’” Konruff said. “My role at Alta Resources heavily revolved around the areas of compensation and benefits; I administered and coordinated enrollment and termination of all benefit plans for the 1,300 plus employee corporation. “

Lasting impressions

Konruff said that every professor at UW Oshkosh has impacted his life in some way. The professor with the most impact was Sarah DeArmond, assistant professor of management in COB.

DeArmond and Konruff have been working on a collaborative research project surrounding occupational health for the past 11 months. The project hours outside of class and demonstrated a professor’s commitment to a student’s continuous growth and development in learning.

“Sarah has also provided guidance in fulfilling my goal to pursue higher education beyond my undergraduate degree as well as future career options,” said Konruff.

According to DeArmond, Konruff was doing this project without any pay on top of his extracurricular activities as a COB ambassador and his internships simply because he wanted the experience.

“He was truly interested in learning about occupational stress and employee well-being.  We devised a research study together, and we have been collecting data for some time now,” DeArmond said.  “I frankly have difficulty keeping up with him.”

Konruff plans to continue his research with DeArmond after graduation. Even with his full-time position at Moraine Park Technical College; his future plans include his going back to school to be able to fulfill his goal of working for a higher education institute.

“I greatly enjoy school and take every opportunity to learn. I believe education is ahuge part of our society’s infrastructure and should be cherished,” said Konruff. “I would like to continue my education past my undergraduate and receive my Ph.D.”

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