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Recent dramatic changes in the healthcare industry have led the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s College of Nursing (CON) to revamp its curriculum.

“Since 2000, the healthcare system has been under reform,” said CON Dean Rosemary Smith, in the latest issue of UWO’s CONtact magazine. “Tomorrow’s nurses won’t be delivering healthcare in the same way as they do today. Therefore, we need to transition how we teach.”

Spending less time lecturing and more time applying knowledge is at the top of CON faculty’s plans for change.

“There’s no time to have our students attend lectures and just spit back the facts on a test,” Smith said. “Today, it’s about getting to the ’so, what?’ of a concept. We can’t just teach a concept, such as the body’s acid/base balance. We need to teach students how to apply the concept in their nursing practice and consider implications for a patient’s health.”

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The new issue of CONtact, also includes:

  • A feature  about the college’s expanded international clinical program.
  • A story about how the college celebrated its 40th anniversary in October.
  • Updates about the college’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

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