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With the 2023-24 academic year right around the corner, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh college and campus leaders are sharing programming and staffing updates over the next several weeks. Today, Dean Anne Stevens highlights the latest offerings and new faculty and staff in the College of Letters and Science.

Anne Stevens

What’s new in your college for the coming year?

This fall the College of Letters and Science will be welcoming several new faculty, including an inaugural director of Latina/o/x studies, a statistician in the math department, and two specialists in Hmong Studies. The engineering and engineering technology department has added two new majors in biomedical engineering and automation engineering.  Also, the dean’s office is finally settled into our new offices in Swart Hall, Room 128.

What do you see as some of the important trends/changes coming for students entering the careers reflected in your college offerings?

One of the major trends that we have seen just since the pandemic is the growth of remote and hybrid work. Many employers are now allowing employees to work remotely or to have a mixed schedule. We also see that students want that same flexibility, with a mixture of online and face-to-face classes. The college is working to find that right balance of course modalities to meet students’ needs.

What are the most important things students learn by going to college but not necessarily in the classroom?

There are so many things students learn outside the classroom, lessons that will last a lifetime: organization, time management, setting goals and priorities, collaboration, problem solving.

If you could personally go back and take one more undergraduate class, what would it be and why?

Over my career as a faculty member I have continued to take undergraduate classes for personal development. I really enjoyed the two semesters of Latin that I took a number of years ago as well as a sociology graduate seminar in symbolic interactionism and undergraduate courses in French language and French cinema. The next time I have an opportunity to take a class I would probably opt for something totally different, such as cybernetics.

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