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More than 100 grandparents and grandchildren soaked up fun and instruction this week at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh during a popular summer academy that attracts generations of learners.

Grandparents University was held July 13 and 14, with many UWO alumni participants continuing their connection to UWO with their grandchildren ages 8-12.

Grandparents University July 13, 2023 -7.jpg


Attendees took in a variety of interesting “majors”: Animal Adventures, Awesome Artists, Robotics and Coding, Spectacular Scientists, or Tech Titans.

Students had the opportunity to check out areas of campus, including the nursing skills lab, fitness stations at Albee Hall, and Kolf Sports Center, where the UWO national champion gymnasts offered a demonstration. Games, bingo and craft projects were available at night at Horizon Village. Grandparents and grandchildren also ate meals together, had the  opportunity to stay overnight at a residence hall and enjoyed a Titan-inspired graduation.