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At the Nov. 13, 2007, meeting of the UW Oshkosh Faculty Senate, Nathan Gribowski reported on the activities of OSA, Lynn Freeman reported on SAS and President William Wacholtz reported on the recent meeting of the Provost’s Staff.

Wacholtz also gave an update on the upcoming special senatorial elections and the constitutional referendum on the restructuring amendment. Senators discussed the university policy on the archiving of written comments on student surveys (SOS) and the removal of the OSA Evaluation of Teaching (ETS) specifications.

The Senate approved the 2008-9 Salary Adjustment Guidelines and the following committee appointments: Merlaine Angwall (Affirmative Action) and Toivo Kallas (Administrator Evaluation).

Senators discussed the Faculty Advocacy Committee’s letter, the faculty governance response to the Fringe Benefits Advisory Committee’s recommendations and the 2007-09 Biennial Pay Plan Process.

Submitted by Jim Simmons, past president of Faculty Senate