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Three peregrine falcon chicks—a female named Hope and two males named Houle and Leopold—were examined and banded in a visit to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh from a nationally known peregrine expert.

Greg Septon, founder of the Wisconsin Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project, made the stop Friday morning. He said the chicks were active and appeared healthy.

In 2011, Septon was contacted about the possibility of constructing and installing a nesting box on the UWO campus. There were reports of falcons in the area and other factors, including the adjacent Fox River, were attractive to the peregrine falcons.

Gruenhagen Conference Center was chosen as the best site for a nesting box.

The roof-top nesting box at UWO’s Gruenhagen Conference Center is visible from Wisconsin Avenue. A view of activity inside the nesting box may be seen on a YouTube livestream.

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