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Time together is getting short for a trio of radio TV film students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh who will be graduating this weekend and heading their separate ways.

Dustin Bahn of West Bend, Heather Hagedorn of Rockford, Illinois; and Bailey Laird of Kenosha; spent some moments considering their time at UWO at the recent Almost Alumni Lunch at Reeve Memorial Union.

Though for a time COVID-19 got in the way of their studies, the three said they learned a lot at UW Oshkosh and gained friends in the radio TV film department, which  is renowned regionally and nationally for preparing students for a wide range of media careers.

“We’ve all been involved in Titan TV, especially,” Laird said, noting he served as assistant manager.

Bahn worked on several sports broadcasts as a camera operator and commentated for two women’s volleyball games. He also helped edit a four-episode series for Titan TV called Recollect.

With a business minor and certificates in marketing and digital marketing, Bahn said he is actively seeking his next role—possibly in content creation or even esports. He’s applied for a social media position with the Green Bay Packers.

Hagedorn was busy managing the campus TV station and completing a second major—communication studies—during her time at UWO.

Later this month, she will spend several weeks studying abroad in London. Her ultimate career would involve sports broadcasting and producing. She said she’d love to work for the Chicago Bears or another NFL team, in broadcasting and producing.

Laird, who has a music industry minor, said he’s applied with an energy drink brand. Ultimately, he’d like to direct, film and write content—“anything but editing,” he said.

Inspired in his studies “1000%” by his father, a college counselor in Kenosha and “actor on the side” with independent films groups, Laird said he’s been going to movies with him since he was 3 years old.

Laird said he looked at two colleges with film majors and decided Oshkosh was a great mid-sized campus.

He reflected on how the years have flown by.

“You’re with the same people all day, every day,” he said, knowing the time has come when things will change in a big way.

Indeed, the three will walk across the stage at Kolf Sports Center and embark on their futures, UWO degrees in hand.

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