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Ashley Behling, administrative assistant at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center, has been named the recipient of the April 2023 STAR Award.

Tony Dirth, previously the center’s interim director, offered the following nomination:

“Ashley has done a few things recently to go above and beyond. Student Affairs was looking for a student to be clash at the first football game that the marching band performed in the fall. When no students volunteered, Ashley said that she would do it. She dressed up as Clash for the whole afternoon.

“Ashley served on the very time-consuming associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students search committee. This was actually her sixth search committee she’s volunteered to be on in the recent months, showing her dedication to the University.

“She also volunteered to work at the beverage table at Reeve for Homecoming festivities.

“For all of these reasons, she’s been a great contributor and would be deserving of the award.”