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Above: Rebecca Briesemeister and Marcus Wakefield perform, “Collaboration through Beethoven’s Spring-Sonata.”

Undergraduate and graduate students alike were recognized for their research, scholarship and creative efforts during the 30th annual University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity (COSCA) event.

The event, sponsored by the Office of Student Research and Creative Activity, was held April 27 at the Reeve Memorial Union. Awards for the student efforts were presented during the Provost’s Awards Reception that followed.

Best Graduate Research Presentation

  • Geology graduate student Brian Conway, of Daly City, California, for the poster presentation of Analysis of Pathologies in the Horned Dinosaurs (Ceratopsidae).
  • Psychology graduate student Kenya Mulwa, of Oshkosh, for the poster presentation of Reexamining the Attitude-Behavior Relation.

Best Undergraduate Research Presentation

  • Anthropology major Bryce Hansen, of Kaukauna, for the poster presentation of Assessing Rodgers’ Visual Method of Determining the Sex of Skeletal Remains Using the Distal Humerus.
  • Geology major Jacob McCloskey, of Wisconsin Dells, for the poster presentation of Vertebrate Ichnofossils from Jurassic National Monument, Upper Morrison Formation, Utah – A Preliminary Census.
  • Music major Joseph Sandy, of Kaukauna, for the poster presentation of Edward Tulane Orchestral Suite.
  • Geology major Maddie Young, of Larsen, for the poster presentation of How Old Are You? New Data on the Ages of Ancient Rocks Recovered From Antarctica.

Best-in-Classroom Research Presentation Award

  • African American Studies major Keashun Lawrence, of Milwaukee, for the oral performance Game Over: The Apathy and Aftermath of Black Athleticism in the Collegiate and Professional Sports Arena.

Clow Social Science Research Presentation Award

  • The psychology major team of Jenna Catania, of Fond du Lac; Addie Briggs, of Colgate; Gillian Bellman, of Oshkosh; Maria Endres, of Mukwonago; Samara Markle, of Stoughton; Valeria Alcalde, of Slinger; and Zachary Holzmann, of Fond du Lac, for their poster presentation of Understanding the Differential Impact of Anger Inducing Experiences in the Activation of Aggressive Concepts.
  • Sociology major Anise Shipley, of Appleton, for the poster presentation of Wisconsin vs. Oregon: Community Justice-Oriented Reform and its Effect on Recidivism.

John and Linda Schuh Best Overall Poster Presentation Award

  • Biology major Geryd Steffek, of New London, for the poster presentation of The Scarab Pheromone γ-decalactone Mediates Numerous Interactions in Midwestern Deciduous Forests.

John and Linda Schuh Best Overall Oral Presentation Award

  • Music major Mack Booth, of Watertown, for the oral presentation The Masque of the Red Death: The Musical.

John and Linda Schuh Best Overall Performance Presentation Award

  • Art major Macy Woxland, of Waupun, for the visual art presentation Bringing Nature into the Home with Ceramics.

John and Linda Schuh Best Overall Visual Art Presentation Award

  • Music major Elsa Zank, of Sun Prairie, for the performance Arranging Music for Voice and Harp.

COSCA 2023 April 27,

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