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Kristina Mosely, an administrative assistant in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s theatre department, has been named the recipient of the February 2023 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Richard Kalinoski, a recently retired theatre faculty member:

“Ms. Mosley has very often proven to be not only an assiduously organized worker but also a steadfast advocate for our complete theatre program. She patiently navigates the myriad demands of University paperwork protocols, looming deadlines, front of house details for performances and scheduling challenges.

“Recently she exceeded expectations by helping to organize our annual student get-together/banquet for students and faculty (called Godot’s Feast names after the play Waiting for Godot). She secured an off-campus site, expedited the ordering of food, helped with decorations, desserts and etc. She did all of this in service to one of the overall goals of the department, which is to serve the sense of community among staff and students.

“In a recent previous season Ms. Mosely coordinated the residency of a notable guest actor from Georgia for our production of A Bear in Winter. Therein she helped said actor (Joshua Starr) settle into his stay at Gruenhagen, facilitated his actor’s fee, helped announce and publicize this notable African American actor’s distinguished career and, in general, helped to make his stay comfortable.

Ms. Mosley also has maintained positive contributions to the department: keeping a candy jar stocked, maintaining a coffee stand in the office, and in one very helpful case securing a more comfortable chair in several classrooms for a faculty member who had to have hip surgery.

“I applaud and salute Ms. Mosely’s contributions to our department and the University overall.”