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Jay Anderson, who works in the College of Letters and Science Dean’s Office at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the December 2022 STAR Award.

Anderson was nominated by Sarah Adelson from the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program office:

“Jay was invaluable during the COLS Dean’s Office move to Sage Hall. She worked in detail to find each faculty/staff member an appropriate office and to make sure everyone’s needs were met. At times it truly seemed like a puzzle, moving people here and there for the right fit. She put a lot of physical labor into the packing and organizing of the old office, making sure things could be unpacked easily once they were moved over. All of this work on top of her already busy duties with the COLS Dean’s Office and CAPP! Our move would not have been nearly as simple without Jay’s dedication and hard work. Awesome job Jay!

“During the pandemic transition to online, Jay was also vital to the process of moving many things to digital. She put in a lot of extra effort and took meetings with several outside offices to help the Dean’s Office and faculty with the transition, and the new processes that resulted from the transition. On top of just the COLS side, Jay was also still working with the CAPP Office, digitizing our processes as well, most notably moving the new adjunct application process (which was entirely paper based) to fully online routing.”