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Rob Clancy, who works in Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the November 2022 STAR Award.

Clancy was nominated by biology faculty members Dana Merriman, Shelly Michalski and Sabrina Mueller-Spitz:

“Rob Clancy is a stellar employee. When the campus switched from D2L to Canvas, Rob Clancy and Brian Ledwell ran education sessions to teach us the basics of the new classroom management software.

“Rob was unfailingly patient and informative and he calmly educated faculty of all skill levels, listening patiently to our concerns and invited us to contact him outside of class time with questions and issues.

“Rob’s helpfulness stepped up even more during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rob has met with us in-person, virtually and via e mail to teach us how to post virtual lectures, assignments and quizzes. Again, in every circumstance, Rob was knowledgeable, helpful, and patient.

“Additionally, there have been countless times that Rob has ‘saved’ us in face-to-face classroom situations in which the UWO media equipment consternates us. He shows up quickly and he calmly works through the issue, using the situation as a teaching moment to show frazzled faculty what to do when things don’t work. In every instance he invites us to contact him if there are any more problems. We wish that our campus had 10 Rob Clancys, but since we don’t, we treasure the one Rob Clancy that we do have.”