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Steady progress is being made to restore campus facilities damaged as a result of the June 12th flooding incident.

As of this date, all water-damaged drywall and flooring materials have been removed from most of the affected facilities. Dehumidifiers and fans have succeeded in drying out structures, and the restoration process is now in full swing. Asbestos abatements have been performed in several facilities to remove water-damaged floor tiles and mastic, new drywall has been installed and painted to match the existing walls, and new flooring is in the process of installation. Specifics regarding the status of several buildings are listed below:

  • River Center — This building received the worst damage from the flooding. All water-damaged building materials and contents have been removed from the basement of the facility. The basement also has been cleaned and sanitized. The estimated cost to restore this facility is $2.3 million dollars, and planning efforts are now in progress to begin assessing the future of this building.
  • Polk Library — Office furniture and contents were transferred back late last week, and all restoration work in the basement faculty offices has been completed.
  • Swart Hall, Clow Classroom Building and Nursing Education Building — All drywall replacement and painting is finished. Remaining work involves the replacement of all damaged flooring.
  • Arts and Communications Building — New flooring is being installed in the Priebe Art Gallery and the Music Hall main stage.
  • Radford Hall Computer Lab — Drywall replacement and painting are finished. New flooring will be installed later this month.
  • Security Building — Asbestos abatement and floor replacement are scheduled for later this month.

While the restoration work will continue throughout August, it appears that all facilities except River Center will be back in service for the start of the fall semester.

Again, we appreciate the extraordinary level of cooperation and understanding that all employees and students have exhibited during this catastrophic event and look forward to the day when normal operations resume in all facilities.


Tom Sonnleitner
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

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