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Patricia Schrader, who works in Human Services, Equal Opportunity, Equity and Affirmative Action as a senior equal opportunity specialist, has been named the recipient of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh June 2022 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Sean Fay, director of Equal Opportunity, Equity and Affirmative Action: 

“Since I started in October 2019, Patty has continued to go above and beyond to ensure our office is successful. During this time, Patty has worked to increase accessibility on campus by securing two adult changing tables, which I believe makes us the second in the state to have these as a public accommodation. She has also worked with others on campus to purchase an Action Track chair, an accessible UWO Go vehicle and to plan an accessibility tour.

“When COVID hit, our area faced several challenges that Patty helped us overcome. We needed to update our website and policies, which Patty was instrumental in helping with. The federal government also changed Title IX regulations during this time, which Patty took extra time to study and inform our Title IX Committee of changes we could be expecting with the new rules.  She also chaired the search for our first full-time Title IX coordinator.

“She has also gone above and beyond by volunteering to serve on numerous committees, most recently as Co-Chair of the Gender Equity Committee for a two-year term, the LGBTQIA+ Education and Advocacy Council where she wrote part of the Report on Hiring and Retaining LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff, and recently joined the University Staff Senate as a senator and is now the treasurer.

“Finally, Patty has provided significant institutional knowledge, which has helped our area as there have been many changes in recent years. This stability has allowed us to continue to make progress in our goals and objectives.

“Patty could easily come in everyday, file paperwork and go home but instead had dedicated herself to ensuring the University is a more equitable and accessible place.  She is also delightful to work with and is a tremendous asset to UW Oshkosh.”